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Church of the Brethren is Pet Friendly


Staff at the Church of the Brethren Home are frequently asked about bringing pets to visit. We’re “pawsitively” OK with that! Often residents are reluctant to move into a nursing home setting because they miss their companions. Studies have shown that exposure to pets during a time of illness boosts morale and aids in the recovery process.
Pets provide unconditional love and comfort. Pet owners are healthier, less stressed, and happier. Sadly, it isn’t feasible for us to keep pets on site because of maintenance, allergies, and costs. If you feel your loved one would benefit by a visit from their (or your) pet, here are our rules:
1. Your pet must have a current rabies shot. (bring a copy of the paperwork to the main office)
2. Ask your resident’s roommates if they are comfortable with having a pet in the room. Some residents are afraid of animals; others may have allergies. If there is a conflict, you can arrange your get-together on the solarium or another area of the building.
3. Your pet must arrive leashed or in a carrier. If it is not in the carrier, it must remain in control at all times. Please do not bring aggressive animals.
4. If your pet has an accident, it is your responsibility to clean it up. Tell staff immediately so the area can be sanitized. If this is a long visit, a quick walk outside might help this problem.
Contact with pets on a regular basis has been shown to improve cognitive functioning, balance emotional concerns and increase feelings of enthusiasm and interest. Your pet doesn’t have to be a certified service or support animal – It doesn’t even have to know any tricks to be welcome. If you have any questions about bringing your furry, or feathered friend, please contact the office at (814) 467-5505.

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